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  • CLSU, Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija

The logo is basically monochromatic by the shade of Cadet Blue. There are six 6-sided planes that are paraded on the heaviest area; all of which contains vectors of different fields. Leaving the hexagon with “CS”, from left to right, the vectors corresponding to the departments of the College of Science are as follow: 1.) Biological Sciences, 2.) Chemistry, 3.) Environmental Science, 4.) Mathematics and Physics, and 5.) Statistics.

Thnear-centered largest hexagon parades a large “CS” sign that obviously flaunts the college name – “College of Science”. The tree holds the elements as if it is the Tree of Knowledge of Science – the system that holds matter, life, mind, and culture altogether. Also, it can be added that the use of the form of a tree holds the idea that the discoveries in this college is unending – growing – suggesting the fact that this college parades its own, celebrated research studies. The department vector images are not the only elements present; the leaves and other plane figures at the end of the branches suggests the possibility of emerging ideas and concepts particularly in these fields where ideas are countless that will soon bloom into larger concepts and fields of interest.